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Lessons from the labour of Maryam radiallah anha (may Allah be pleased with her)

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

Ayah 16

The first lesson we can take is having a connection with our creator, carving out time for ourselves, having a habit of seclusion, one on one time with Allah, making time for our spiritual self care.

assessing our life whet are we spiritually and how can we make progress.

Having time away from family and commitments even if its just five minuets. To reflect and connect with Allah

Ayah 22

While in labor Allah ahd designed our bodies to release a cocktail of hormones which helps to birth the baby, for these hormones to be released privacy is very important.

we have to feel calm and safe and unwatched to be able to let go

animals such as sheep monkeys etc even though they live as a group will separate themselves to give birth, alone.

This also the reason most babies are born at night.

Sphincters we have to be able to relax to open up, very similar to releiivng yourself need a private place and relaxed to be able to open up.

this is an important thing to keep i mind when choosing where to give birth, much easier to achieve this at hoe or in a birth center.


very beneficial in early pregnancy and early labor, walking has so many benefits, it can help relive back pain, constipation, bloating, swelling.

lengthens the psoas muscle which strengthens the lower back helps flexibility .

helps promote sleep, nasue muscle tone, less risk of c section, lower risk of GD, shortens labor and anxiety.

Try t build up to 30 minuets daily

start slow

find the rote with most trees

listen to your body

safe for all trimesters

Ayah 23

Pain management vs pain relief

pain vs suffering

pain management accept that pain is for a reason, helping your body with the process, tools to be able to cope with the pain.

active upright positions

breath work








re bozo



Childbirth education

Letting go of worry and fear

can stall your labor, share worries, address fears, find out ,comple tasks . mental preparation.

Ayah 24

Emotional support

reminders in labor, support people birth partner doula.

do not grieve be relaxed and calm.

stream water immersion as pain relief

nature and water to help calm soothe

water birth

stay hydrated in labor

Shaking the tree

active upright birth position, re-bozo shaking

holding up rope etc cant tense bottom.

dates nourishment Oxycontin effect, eat keep up energy, end of pregnancy 6 a day.


eat drink be content

postpartum, rest eat drink

grandmothers not talk too much


holding him, baby-wearing carrier benefits


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